Club Disaster Preparedness Materials

Welcome to the District 5030 Disaster Preparedness Web-page!

Launched in 2014-15, this disaster preparedness effort is intended to help Rotarians become more knowledgeable about Puget Sound area hazards, and the simple steps that can minimize the risks, while protecting themselves, their families, their businesses, and communities.

The overall objective of this district-wide effort is to help individuals become better prepared, to help Rotary clubs become better able to help their members, and better able to help other Rotary clubs in the district, and around the world.

This material has been assembled and drafted by a small committee of experienced and knowledgeable disaster incident professionals .. Rotarians, all. Each Rotary club in the district is urged to name a Club Disaster Coordinator (and 1 or 2 assistants) to take responsibility to help their club develop its disaster response and recovery plan. The following links provide the tools/templates you might need… along with readily available resources.

Preparedness Program Mission Statement

Club Preparedness Program May 2015

Recommended Courses for Rotary Club Coordinators

Club Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Club Disaster Skill-set Survey

Club Disaster Resources Survey

Disaster Recall Phone Tree Template

Damage Assessment Summary Form

Nine Essentials For the Go Kit

Regarding the global scene…. Rotarians often want to offer aid and support to disaster victims around the country and around the world. The Rotarian Action Group (RAG) for disaster response and recovery operations is an international entity, with active Rotarian professionals in nearly a dozen countries. Our link to the RAG will help us get accurate and timely information about the true needs of the victims. We will use our district web-page to post periodic “Situation Reports” and appropriate Points of Contact as they become available regarding out-of-district incidents.  A “Speakers Bureau” for disaster-related presentations is available through

If you are interested in learning more about being your club’s Disaster Coordinator, contact Rotarian Leigh Readdy ( or PDG Mike Montgomery ( ) to discuss. They can send you the information and materials you will need.

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